Taiji Jian 32 Sword Form

The Yang 32 Straight Sword Form

The Yang 32 Straight Sword Form is a well-designed and simplified Tai Chi Weapons Form that uses the traditional Chinese straight sword (the Taiji Jian). The sequences of the form are both beautiful and powerful, but relatively easy to learn and practice. Once the essential choreography of the form has been mastered, the subtleties of the sword strokes and the expression of energy allow for an ongoing depth of study.


The Yang Taiji Jian 32-Posture Straight Sword Form was officially sanctioned by the Chinese Sports Committee in 1957, and was initially called the “Simplified Yang Style Tai Chi Sword” form. It was based on the postures and transitions from the traditional Yang style sword forms, and the selected sequences were organized into four sections of eight postures per section. To make the form accessible to more people, the sequences were simplified and standardized while also retaining the traditional characteristics.


Opening the Form

  1. Three Halos Around the Moon - Initial Stance

Section One

  1. Dragonfly Alights on the Water - Point Sword with Feet Together
  2. Big Dipper - Stand on One Leg and Thrust
  3. The Swallow Skims the Water - Sweep Sword in Crouch Step
  4. Right Block and Sweep - Horizontal Draw to the Right
  5. Left Block and Sweep - Horizontal Draw to the Left
  6. Searching in the Sea - Stand on One Leg and Cut with Arm Swing
  7. Embrace the Moon - Step Back and Withdraw Sword
  8. Evening Birds Returning to the Forest - Stand on One Leg and Thrust Upward

Section Two

  1. Black Dragon Whips Its Tail - Downward Intercept in Empty Stance
  2. Green Dragon Emerges from the Water - Thrust in Left Bow Stance
  3. The Wind Blowing on the Lotus Leaves - Turn Around and Draw Slanting Sword
  4. The Lion Shakes Its Head - Retreat and Carry Slanting Sword
  5. Tiger Covers Its Head - Raise Knee and Hold Sword with Both Hands
  6. Wild Horse Jumps Over the Ravine - Jump Step and Flat Thrust
  7. Little Dipper - Circle Sword in Left Empty Stance
  8. Scooping the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea - Circle Sword in Right Bow Stance

Section Three

  1. Shooting at the Wild Geese - Turn Around and Withdraw Sword
  2. White Ape Offers Fruit - Thrust Flat Sword with Feet Together
  3. Dusting Into the Wind Left - Parry in Left Bow Stance
  4. Dusting Into the Wind Right - Parry in Right Bow Stance
  5. Dusting Into the Wind Left - Parry in left Bow Stance
  6. Pushing the Boat with the Current - Step Forward and Thrust Backward
  7. Flying Star Chases the Moon - Turn Around and Chop
  8. Celestial Horse Crosses the Sky - Point the Sword in Empty Stance

Section Four

  1. Lift the Curtain - Stand on One Leg and Lift Sword Horizontally
  2. Wheel the Sword to the Left - Hook and Chop in Bow Stance
  3. Wheel the Sword to the Right - Circle Sword and Chop in Empty Stance
  4. Great Eagle Spreads Its Wings - Step Back to Strike Behind
  5. Yellow Bee Enters the Cave - Step Forward and Horizontal Thrust
  6. Embrace the Moon - Withdraw Sword in T-Stance
  7. Wind Sweeps Away the Plum Blossoms - Turn Around and Wipe Horizontally
  8. The Compass Points to the South - Thrust Forward in Bow Stance

Closing the Form

  1. Closing Form